Theory Practise
Official theory tests. Free & online.

The theory test is the first part of the qualification process. You must pass your Theory Test before you can take a practical driving test.


The theory test comes in two parts - a multiple choice section of 50 questions and a hazard perception part with 14 clips. You have to pass both these sections in one sitting to pass your theory test.


The pass mark for the multiple choice questions is 43/50 or 86% and the pass mark for the Hazard Perception is 44/75 or 58%. A theory test pass certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of passing.


The time allowed for the Theory Test is 57 minutes and this test is first. After this a short break is allowed up to 3 minutes. Following this the Hazard Perception test will begin. You have 14 clips each lasting a minute and will have one hazard each in 13 clips and 2 hazards in 1 clip.


At the Crash Course Company we have teamed up with the market leaders Theory Test Pro to offer all our customers full online support in practising the full question bank of around 1000 Theory Test questions and whole array or cgi Hazard Perception clips to imitate the real test. An online version of the latest edition Highway Code is also available to study.


The Car theory test costs £23 which can be booked directly from the  website.  However the dates available can be 2 – 8 weeks away. We have a team dedicated to finding earlier dates at all UK test centres. This can be a part of your all inclusive Intensive driving course.


If you have already passed your Theory Test we can arrange for the fees to be deducted from the course price.