Terms And Conditions

Since our specialty is in short notice tests, we cannot categorically guarantee a particular test center for your practical test. We'll try our best to make sure you get the closest to you, but it is not guaranteed.

When you book a course with Fast Track Driving School, it is understood that you're entering into contract with the instructor with regards hours and course delivery. The instructors can be regarded as self-employed franchisees of the Fast Track Driving School, as such you must take any dispute regarding course hours, tuition or other issues up with them. To this end, the company absolves itself from any compensation claim either from the student or instructor; neither can the company be held liable for possible traffic infractions from the student or instructors.

FastTrackDrivingSchool.co.uk also absolves itself from liability for balance payments made to the instructors. Therefore, disputes about balance payment must be taken up with the instructor in question.

Fast Track Driving School is an individual company.

Deposit payments will be made for practical test fee, administration fee, theory test fee and booking, all inclusive of VAT.

Balance payments must be made to the instructors in charge of the courses and does not include VAT.

The students are responsible for notifying the school of the following during their booking:

  • Their driver number
  • Their theory certificate number including date passed
  • Their pickup address if it is different from their home address
  • Dates and times when they’ll be unavailable
  • Special requirements
  • Medical conditions
  • Conditions that could affect their driving course
  • Conditions that could affect their driving test
  • Any date that could conflict with this course.

We have a non-discrimination policy that prevents us from specifying between male and female instructors. So you cannot stop a course because you requested for a specific gender and did not get it.

If you decide to use a manual car for your course, you must complete the course in the time allocated to you by the instructor. You are not allowed to change to automatic halfway through the course.

Fast Track Driving School cannot be held liable if a pupil fails to provide relevant information that might affect either the pupil’s driving test or the driving course.

If you fail to provide your date of passing and theory certificate number, or fail the theory, or refuse to respond to our reminders, we might refuse to book you for your practical on the final day of the course.

Our practice is to set a minimum of two weeks between the practical course and theory test.

You can arrange your driving test for any of the days scheduled for your course week.

If you’re unable to pass your theory test, we can book you for another test before you begin your practical course, which will give us less time to book the practical test, so you may not be able to carry on with your practical test on that final course day.

If you’re unable to take your theory test or you failed it, the practical course will continue minus the final day, which will be withheld until you’ve passed your theory. The course instructor will be responsible for making this decision.

You will forfeit your deposit if you miss your original course date.

Eyesight – You must have good eyesight. The instructor might chose not to allow you drive if you cannot read a car number plate from the recommended distance.

The instructor will be responsible for deciding whether or not to forfeit the week’s course hours, at short notice and you might end up forfeiting your fee for the practical test, if you’re too late to cancel. This should be discussed with your instructor. Before you begin the course, you might want to check your eyesight.

If a student is unable to take his/her theory test because the student does not have the right license, the instructor can still decide to go ahead with some parts of the training, and reserve the other training till the student passes the theory test.

You must possess a valid category B provisional license. If you’re unable to reach the standard required by the date of your test, the instructor may not allow you to use their car, thereby resulting in loss of your test fee. However, the instructor has the final say here.

If you don’t pass the theory test, (or are unable to take it), the practical course will go on as scheduled, but the final day will be held back till you pass your theory. The course instructor will be responsible for making this decision. (We’ll do our best to book you for another theory test, at extra cost). If you cannot continue with the first course date, you’ll have to forfeit your deposit.

We’ll organize courses to ensure there is sufficient gap between practical courses and theory test to give us adequate time to prepare for the practical test. If you’re unable to pass the theory test, we’ll try to organize another one for you before you take the practical, but you might not be able to align your practical test with all your course dates.

Fast Track Driving School hereby absolves itself from any responsibility for test cancellation due to bad weather. We’ll try everything in our power to reschedule to suit all the parties, but it might lead to some unavoidable delays.

Test routes and areas are not part of our job description, our job is to teach you to drive, how to recognize certain situations and the best way to deal with different junctions.

The instructors and courses displayed on the site are only meant to serve as a guide. We can decide to offer alternate instructors and dates. The instructors available may not be from the area you live in.

The student is responsible for paying troll and congestions charges in cash to their instructor. The London congestion zone currently charges £8 / day.

We also reserve the right to reject a course booking if we so desire.

Note: We cannot categorically guarantee that there will be a Driving Test at the end of the driving course, however, our current success rate is 99%.

Medical or Learning Conditions

Intensive courses are exactly how they sound - Intensive

If you’re suffering from any medical condition like Dyspraxia, Anxiety, Depression or Aspergers, you should know that our instructors do not have any special training for teaching people with special needs. So you need to be sure that this training method is exactly what you need. Our instructors book weekly, so if you decide not to go ahead with the course because you feel it is too intense, they won’t be able to fill up that space which is why we don’t give out refunds.

Same applies to any medical condition (pregnancy inclusive) that might prevent you from doing the 6 hours daily course. We will not be offering any refunds.

The instructor may decide to oblige you and work shorter hours; however, you must be ready to forfeit any unused hour.

The students are completely responsible for making sure they’re physically suited to the intensive course.

The Ultimate Package Deal

If after the first 48hr course, your instructor does not think you’re prepared for the practical tests, you’ll have to pay additional fees for additional lessons until the instructor is satisfied that you’ve reached a safe standard. The 3 days of retest becomes active after you take the first test.

It is also the responsibility of the pupil to let us know if there is any history, circumstance or condition that might make it impossible for the pupil to pass our test.

If you commence your course with a manual car, you’ll have to continue with it till the end; you cannot change to automatic halfway through the course. If you decide to end your manual course, you’ll be forfeiting the entire course.

Pupils are enjoined to make themselves available after reasonable notice for their retest dates to keep the dates effective. (You will lose your retest if for example you state that you’ll only be available one Saturday per month). If you fail to retake your test within 12 weeks, the retest will be invalidated.

The retest package is automatically invalidated if a pupil refuses to accept 3 reasonable test dates.