We Offer the best Courses

We all recognize the importance of regular learning in our working lives to avoid getting rusty. With that in mind, surely taking the same approach to driving would lead to us forgetting vital skills or losing confidence in critical situations.


It is widely accepted that the importance of post-test learning is advantageous throughout the driving industry as something that offers the newly qualified driver the ability to further develop and improve their skills.


There are also a growing number of people who have kept a full driving licence for a number of years, who know that they too can benefit from extra tuition and taking a refresher course.


Our refresher courses at the Crash Course Company cover a wide range of driving situations. Sessions are designed to provide support and assistance on subjects such as:

  • Improve existing skills
  • Trying our new techniques
  • Fuel saving strategies
  • Advance planning
  • All weather driving
  • Rural and urban driving
  • Negotiating motorways
  • The school run – child seats and the law
  • Shopping and loading/unloading
  • Driving on holidays here and abroad