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Once you have passed your driving test, all learners have the option to take their Pass Plus. Whilst this is optional it is recommended if you are a new driver as it will incorporate teachings that you would not have been exposed to whilst learning to drive. As the course has six modules it takes roughly about six hours’ worth of driving to complete, should a learner need more time, then of course additional hours can be booked.


  • Learning how to drive around the town – whilst you would have covered this in your driving lessons, different times of the day will affect how busy the towns are, meaning additional hazards present themselves.
  • Driving in all weathers – whilst you might not be driving in extreme weather conditions, you will still need to know how to adapt your driving to the different forecasts.
  • Driving on rural roads – something not usually covered when learning how to drive.
  • Driving at night – Getting used to driving at night to help you feel more confident
  • Driving on dual carriageways and motorways – whilst you might cover dual carriage ways whilst learning to drive, it’s unlikely that you would have had experience driving on motorways, to which this can often be highly stressful if you’re trying to navigate to a destination you haven’t been before.

Unlike when learning to drive, at the end of your Pass Plus there is no test, as you will be assessed throughout the course. On the day you are due to start your course we will pick you from your home, and then the course will start than providing you have your provisional license etc. Should you be living outside of the area we cover then you will need to arrange getting to the driving centre. 


The majority of learners that take their Pass Plus will notice a reduction in their car insurance, as insurance providers will take into account that you have had additional driving experience which should reduce the chances of you causing an accident.