We Offer the best Courses

Here at Crash Course Company we offer all of our learners the opportunity to gain extra driving experience on motorways, with bespoke courses to do exactly that. You will need to have passed your driving test before you can take one of our Motorway Courses.


  • Drivers who have just passed their test and may need more exposure to driving on motorways.
  • Anxious drivers who find it really stressful to drive on motorways. In this scenario our courses would be ideal to help them overcome their anxiety.
  • Those who may have had an accident in the past, where they may have been involved in a collision.
  • Those people who may need to use motorways on a regular basis and want to make sure they are prepared in any scenario.


Our motorway courses include:

  1. The safe entry and exit of all motorways
  2. Knowing the safe distance between vehicles and anticipating the actions of others
  3. Being prepared for all types of weather
  4. Road rage
  5. Speed management
  6. Remaining alert at all times and knowing when to take breaks
  7. Motorway rules and signals
  8. What to do if you breakdown
  9. Pre journey planning.

All of our courses are delivered by our highly skilled instructors which have over 20 years of industry experience, and all learners are taught under the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency). We provide a pick up the day you are supposed to be starting the course, if you are inside of the area we cover. If you are out of area then we will advise the best way to get to the centre.